ILM Leadership Qualifications

WSA is currently approved to offer ILM Level 5 qualifications in Leadership and Management – at Award, Certificate and Diploma.  There are a wide range of units which appeal to most disciplines of management.  It is possible to build a qualification by choosing specific units to suit your leadership development needs.  For example you might choose two or three units with customer service content for a short course to develop your sales managers, or you might add in units on managing the team, recruitment and performance management to make a longer programme suitable for a rapidly expanding team.  To find out more about the available range look at the ILM Leadership Qualifications pages.  Do talk to us about developing a programme that suits your team.

You might also be interested in our competence-based assessment approach.  We have ILM approval to assess individuals in the workplace, where they have no need for development but wuld like to gain a qualification – badging their management experience and leadership capability through a nationally recognised accredited qualification.  Do talk to us about this approach.