ILM Coaching Programmes

20170726_144606WSA Coaching offeres a range of bespoke Coaching programmes, working with partners and organisations to offer learning and development in line with their needs.  One example of this is working with leadership teams.

Wendy and Jane worked with Citizens Advice Bureau Wales leadership team to bring about coaching skills within the leadership style and to hone the team’s ability to work together.  WSA Coaching ran the workshops on site in the Cardiff offices and we supported the leaders individually through supervision during their practice coaching and team meetings between workshops.FullSizeRender (2)

We loved working with this team as they were all brave in challenging themselves to do more with their leadership.  We loved the ethos of the Citizens Advice Bureau too – the organisation’s values shone through the team and their approach to their work.  Here is some of the feedback we had from the team:

We all felt we had enjoyed the course and that you had given us lots to think about! Although some of us were apprehensive when the course started we felt you created a safe and positive environment that helped us to quickly engage with the learning.


We all felt we had gained useful tools and approaches not just for a coaching situation but also for coffee machine conversations and for life in general.


Although some of us are comfortable with role play, many of us appreciated using real life situations rather than role play. We also liked that the tools were useful and for the most part not hard to understand.


We appreciated the way you tailored the course, for example using Myers Briggs language that we have a shared understanding of, and giving insights to models that are not part of coaching but are useful in team/leadership roles.